Week 12

Cornus mas at the start of Week 12

Overlap Weeks

Week 2012/02 features some remarkable flowering: some Hamamelis is flowering in the next street (pictured January 13, 2012), and of course planting it in front of a red brick house was the perfect way to show it to be best advantage:
In our own garden, the Lonicera is in fine flower (pictured January 18, 2012). I am told this has a honeysuckle odour, but I can never smell it, because its flowering coincides with my hay fever.

Kerria Week

Some people seem to have Kerria plenifora in full flower in Week 2011/17, but ours has only just been planted and is a little late. It is the blur of yellow at the bottom of the picture. The white behind it is Spiraea 'Arguta' and a John Downie apple tree. The main dash of yellow is of course Forsythia. At left is a Berberis x stenophylla that seems to resent having been moved a few weeks ago: it is going smoky. Perhaps it is just the shock. It should be able to handle full sun. The grey trunk in the distance is the neighbour's walnut tree. The red is an azalea which I have not yet typed. There is also a small white-pink rhododendron next to it, planted last week.

Here is the new growth of Pieris 'Red Mill' at the start of the week. Pieris flowers are not big eyecatchers: the new leaves in red are.

Amelanchier Week

A little earlier than other years, the Amelanchier rotundifolia attracts attention on Monday of 2011/16, seems to peak on Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Friday has already faded in the midst of the plant's new green leaves. A plan to plant Amelanchier ovalis has been held up by a lack of supply: my understanding is that this does not flower till much later in the cycle. By the end of the week, the Magnolia stellata has also lost all its flowers: just watering with the hose knocks them off. The brevity of these shows contrasts with the sturdy endurance of the daffodils. Spiraea 'Arguta' is a fine mass of hard white flowers. But Halimiocistus sahucii, which always has such a fine display of white flowers, looks all but dead after the winter.