Overlap Weeks

Week 2012/02 features some remarkable flowering: some Hamamelis is flowering in the next street (pictured January 13, 2012), and of course planting it in front of a red brick house was the perfect way to show it to be best advantage:
In our own garden, the Lonicera is in fine flower (pictured January 18, 2012). I am told this has a honeysuckle odour, but I can never smell it, because its flowering coincides with my hay fever.

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Gardens at Waters East said...

I just stumbled upon your Blog. I am always looking for gardens form other places. Figure I can learn something new from your Blog. I will be following your Blog and hope to learn more of your area of the planet. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA it is still Winter. Had a really big storm this weekend, but even with the snow it is beautiful. I try to have Lake Michigan as the backdrop for lots of the photos I post from the garden. You might enjoy some past postings. See you soon. Jack